Why Should I be PCI Compliant?

Topic: PCI DSS (Tue 23rd May 2017)
Why Should I be PCI Compliant?

Becoming compliant should be a priority to your business!

What happens if you don't become PCI Compliant?
For a lot of businesses, PCI Compliance is something they either haven't heard of or think isn't an important part of running their business in the grand scheme of things. However if you don't become compliant and a breach occurred in the business, you could be liable.

These fees could reach up to £50,000 per breach depending on how many cards were compromised. In addition to this, many businesses who had been breached reported they had lost 40% of revenue due to customer losing trust in the brand.

What are the benefits of becoming PCI Compliant?
By becoming PCI Compliant and completing the assessment, you could receive support of up to £60,000 per incident in the event of a breach. It also means that you won't be charged non-compliance fees from your bank and can maintain your customers trust and brand reputation.

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