Web Services SSL/TLS Certificate Renewal: 23 January 2018

Topic: In-store (Fri 12th Jan 2018)
Web Services SSL/TLS Certificate Renewal: 23 January 2018

nexpay would like to inform all Verifone merchants of a forthcoming update to the SSL/TLS certificates used to secure connections to Web Service solutions.

Verifone’s current *.CXMLPG.COM certificate is due to expire on 26th January 2018. A replacement certificate will be implemented on 23rd January 2018.

Why is this change taking place?
Verifone is required to make this change in order for merchants to securely access the PAYware Ocius Web Service solutions. If the certificate is allowed to expire, merchants and consumers will be unable to connect to the payment gateway.

When will this change be made?

The certificate will be updated between 05:00 and 07:00 GMT, on 23rd January 2018.

Does this affect Chip & Pin Terminals?

No, Chip & Pin devices are not affected. This change only relates to web-based solutions for card-not-present transactions, including:

• Ocius XML and Vanguard – all versions.
• Ocius Payment Page – all versions.

What you need to do?
Most merchants will not need to do anything and this update will not affect your payment processing.

However, if you have security restrictions in place that prevent automatic system updates or you need to manually update your webservers’ local key/certificate stores, you may need to install a new trust or intermediate certificate.

A copy of the certificates required for local certificate stores can be requested from: ocius.helpdesk@verifone.com

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