Verifone Unattended Card Machines

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Verifone Unattended Card Machines

For over 35 years, Verifone has been making history and now they’re creating the future. Verifone is one of the world’s largest point of sale (POS) terminal vendors and a leading provider of commerce and payment solutions.

Verifone is a multinational corporation that offers merchant-operated, consumer-facing, self-service payment systems. The company’s system solutions consist of POS electronic payment devices that use their own operating systems, security and encryption software. These devices are designed for both unattended and consumer-facing environments.

Unattended Card Payment Devices
Verifone's unattended card payment devices offer you security, reliability and convenience in unattended payment processing environments. This can be indoor or outdoor. Verifone’s rugged and secure self-service payment solutions provide convenience for your customers and can help you generate incremental revenue.

Verifone offers a number of different unattended card machines. This includes the UX 100, UX110, UX300 and UX301, UX400 and UX401 as well as the UX410.

Verifone’s UX 100
The Verifone UX 100 engages self-service at the touch of a button, guiding customers through the checkout process, with the ability to upsell through targeted and customised prompts. The UX 100 is extremely robust and weatherproof to help protect against all the elements. This device also has an IK-09 anti-vandalism casing. This helps ensure your self-service device is fit to serve your customers around the clock.

Without your sales team on hand, your payment device must provide an intuitive user experience. With the UX 100’s large graphic LCD display and backlight, it’s easily legible and features step-by-step instructions to help guide your customers through the transaction journey.

Verifone’s UX 110
The UX110 meets unattended payment demands indoors and outdoors. This card machine is ideal for high transaction volume businesses that require payment technology that can withstand constant customer use – particularly in self-service environments, where sales associates aren't on hand to help. Verifone's UX 110 allows you to implement personalised user interfaces and will take your customers self-service experience to the next level.

Verifone doesn't compromise on cardholder security. This device is equipped with the latest PCI security standards. Also, with a rugged metal front plate, the UX 110 has additional security measure to keep your mind at rest, this includes an anti-vandalism enclosure that can withstand impact up to IK-09. The UX 110 is ideal for off-street parking meters, pay-at-pump machines and ticketing machines.

Verifone's UX 300 and UX 301
Verifone's UX 300 and UX 301 card machines are dependable, secure and reliable self-service card readers. They're ideal for handling high transaction volumes in service-critical unattended environments. Both card machines can support customer data collection which can help you make more effective and strategic marketing decisions.

Choosing between Verifone's UX 300 and UX 301 – The UX 300 has a longer back-end with multiple connectivity options. Whereas, the UX 301 is shorter and optimised for IP, RS232 and Serial connections. Both terminals are fully functional and flexible and can be implemented as standalone payment for low value 'Chip and Dip' transactions. When used with Verifone's UX 100 or UX 110 PIN entry devices and the UX 400 and UX 401 NFC readers, the UX 300/301 can seamlessly integrate and provide full chip and PIN capability for unattended environments.

Both the UX 300 and UX 301 are robust and reliable. They're water resistant, vandal proof and deliver a high level of protection against the elements. In unattended environments, customer data security is your main priority. Both card machines are SRED approved and support the Verifone P2PR toolkit as well as provide the best-in-class PCI security, giving your customers peace of mind.

Verifone's UX 400 and UX 401
Both the UX 400 and UX 401 are designed for maximum transaction speed and customer ease-of-use. These devices are ideal for high-transaction volume environments (e.g ticket machines, pay-at-pump) and they're ready to accept NFC and contactless payments.

When used in conjunction with the UX 300/UX 301, the UX 400 and UX 401 are completely maintenance free. This means your business can efficiently and effectively get up and running. Both of Verifone's UX 400 and UX 401 are tamper-resistant, vandal-proof and feature weather-resistant enclosures.

Verifone's UX 410
Last but not least, the UX 410 card machine works as a standalone payment device or in conjunction with another Verifone solution. This device provides a seamless, reliable and secure customer experience with multiple connectivity options to help simplify integration. It is also designed for intuitive ease and guidance with its LED prompts and dual-tone buzzer.

Verifone's UX 410 is ideal for on-street payment meters, vending machines or other unattended environments. This card machine meets international security requirements and also features SRED-secured NFC/CTLS capability. The UX 410 is a low-cost alternative to existing Chip solutions, it's still just as dependable, weatherproof and tamper-resistant.

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