Verifone's WIFI, GPRS & Bluetooth Card Machines

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Verifone's WIFI, GPRS & Bluetooth Card Machines

For over 35 years, Verifone has been making history and now they’re creating the future. Verifone is one of the world’s largest point of sale (POS) terminal vendors and a leading provider of commerce and payment solutions.

Verifone is a multinational corporation that offers merchant-operated, consumer-facing, self-service payment systems. The company’s system solutions consist of POS electronic payment devices that use their own operating systems, security and encryption software. These devices are designed for both unattended and consumer-facing environments.

Mobile and Portable Card Payment Devices for Merchants on the Go

With Verifone, you can safely accept card payments anywhere, anytime and never miss out on a sale. Verifone’s wide range of mobile and portable wireless solutions can help provide you with new opportunities to generate revenue for your business as well as providing convenience for your customers.

Verifone VX 680
Verifone’s VX 680 card machine is a small, portable handheld Chip and PIN card machine with Wi-Fi, GPRS and Bluetooth connectivity options. This card machine is ideal for merchants in hospitality environments or for those on the move. The VX 680 can handle transactions efficiently and effectively in any location for example, in restaurants, bars, in-store or outdoors.

The VX 680 is adaptable and durable and can be used in the most demanding environments. It’s perfect for ‘tap and go’ scenarios, enabling you to accept payment wherever your customer is. The colour touchscreen with intuitive buttons allows customers to interact and complete their transactions without physically handing over their card. The screen also allows you to display your own logo or promotional messages, allowing you to maximise engagement with your customers.

Additional Benefits:
• Built-in spill resistance
• The VX platform is known and supported worldwide
• User-friendly interface
• Deploys the latest enhancements with minimal additional end-user training

Verifone VX 675

Verifone’s VX 675 card machine is the smallest device in the industry. This wireless handheld payment device has a drop-resistant case for added protection and is designed to fit in just one hand. The VX 675 is perfect for any business that requires payment functionality on the move, away from the traditional till point.

There are many card machines that facilitate quick payments, so you need one that can add the extra wow-factor. The VX 675 has contactless functionality to help make speedy transactions that little bit quicker. The devices colour screen can also be used for promotional purposes.

Additional benefits include:
• GPRS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities
• Robust
• The VX platform is known and supported worldwide
• Offers the latest security standards. Not only does it have tamper-resistant construction, it’s PCI approved to help protect customer data.

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