Verifone's Countertop Solutions

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Verifone's Countertop Solutions

For over 35 years, Verifone has been making history and now they’re creating the future. Verifone is one of the world’s largest point of sale (POS) terminal vendors and a leading provider of commerce and payment solutions. Verifone is a multinational corporation that offers merchant-operated, consumer-facing, self-service payment systems. The company’s system solutions consist of POS electronic payment devices that use their own operating systems, security and encryption software. These devices are designed for both unattended and consumer-facing environments.

At the core of Verifone’s payment ecosystem is their scalable and secure framework. Their software and hardware architecture, alongside new development tools, allow efficient and effective integration. With new partnerships (ourselves included) with some of the most progressive companies in the payment and commerce industry, Verifone is able to further drive expansion and innovation.

Commerce, payments and personal communications are converging and Verifone’s devices are ready for this. With their two-way connected communications, POS systems can help increase customer loyalty and grow sales through omnichannel experiences and commerce solutions.

Finding the Right Device for your Business
Whether you’re looking for a PIN-pad POS device or an all-in-one countertop solution, Verifone’s card machine range is designed with simplicity, security and convenience in mind. Verifone’s solutions deal with basic payment acceptance to more advanced functionality and features. The devices provide you with the flexibility and tools needed to help your business process payments efficiently and effectively.

Countertop Solutions
Keep up with the way your customers want to pay! For the first time, card payments have overtaken cash. Verifone’s all-in-one countertop solutions have transformed the POS experience. The countertop card machine range is user-friendly and can support rich multimedia to help build loyalty through driving customer engagement.

Verifone’s VX 820 Duet
With an extra fast processor, Verifone’s VX820 Duet is designed to speed up the payment process by allowing shoppers quick PIN-entry at the end of their shopping journey. As well as a large, colour touch screen, this card machine is ready to accept contactless and NFC payments, enabling a speedy ‘tap and go’ purchase, even during peak trading times.

Verifone’s VX 820 is perfect for fast-paced businesses that need a card machine that will keep up with their consumer’s demands. This device has an expansive memory and supports a range of applications if required. Also, the VX 820 complies with the latest security standards, ensuring maximum security when handling sensitive data.

Additional Benefits:
• Provides quick and easy installation and training
• Streamlined debit and credit card and other PIN-based transactions without increasing countertop clutter
• State of the art security features – reducing fraud
• Uses end-to-end encryption
• The VX platform is known and supported worldwide

For more information view the datasheet here.

Verifone’s VX 520
The VX 520 was designed for use in the toughest business environments. Verifone’s VX 520 countertop chip and PIN card machine is sturdy, reliable and is also designed to keep up with fast-paced businesses. The VX 520 authorises transactions efficiently, including, contactless and NFC payments to support mobile wallets (Apple and Android Pay). Also, this device is customisable, you can play around with the vivid colour display with promotional and branded graphics.

If your business deals with a high volume of transactions, you will need a card machine that can facilitate effectively, the VX 520 does just that. This card machine is simple to navigate and the anti-glare backlit screen and keypad are easy to operate in all environments and lighting conditions.

Additional Benefits:
• Quick transaction rate, handles authorisation within seconds – resulting in higher sales volume
• High-speed communication with dial backup
• Robust
• User-friendly interface
• Supports Safetech Encryption to ensure point-to-point protection of transaction data and reduces scope and cost of maintaining PCI PTS (Payment Card Industry) compliance
• Processes contactless ‘tap and go’ payments as well as EMV chip credit and debit cards
• Also supports the VX 820 plug-in PIN pad to help meet your requirements
• Dial-up and Ethernet connectivity

For more information view the datasheet here.

Verifone's V200c
The V200c is Verifone’s budget countertop card machine, but it still performs extremely well in its category. This device is ideal for providing your customers with a unique POS experience. The next generation functionality and versatility is right at your fingertips - packed with speed and has an interactive user interface along with enhanced security.

The vibrant 2.8-inch colour LCD screen with optional audio delivers rich graphics and multimedia to help you interact and engage more with your customers. Verifone’s V200c accepts any payment types and processes transactions within seconds, helping you ensure customers have a speedy checkout and best-n-class experience.

Additional Benefits:
• User-friendly interface
• Maximum security and compliance (PCI PTS) with end to end encryption
• Accepts all payments including contactless, NFC, EMV chip and PIN and magstripe
• Dial-up and Ethernet connectivity with an enhanced commerce option which includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

For more information view the datasheet here.

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