Toni and Guy Case Study

Topic: Clients (Mon 11th Nov 2019)
Toni and Guy Case Study

With more than 485 salons across 48 countries, Toni & Guy is the largest independent salon group in the world. They have over 200 franchise and head office salons in the UK alone. It all started in 1963 with a single salon in Clapham, London.

Nexpay is proud to have worked with Toni & Guy since 2014. In that time, Nexpay has developed fraud prevention measures and implemented PCI DSS requirements for the high street salons and E-Commerce sales website To this day, Nexpay continue to protect Toni & Guy, the franchises and their customers card and payment data. PCI compliance and fraud prevention throw up constant challenges. With a group as large as Toni & Guy this is compounded. Every salon and every payment method must be secure.

Working with the heads of UK franchising and Toni & Guy head office we understood the business model and analysed buying patterns and behaviour, Nexpay has been able to provide a robust set of systems and procedures to fight Card Fraud. Toni & guy operate both integrated epos and stand-alone card machines. Each type of payment system uses various methods of connection to the internet and IT infrastructure. Toni & Guy are committed to Salon genius software. Nexpay has taken the time to understand each salon’s specific requirements and worked closely with Salon genius to become a joint force providing salons payment security support.

Nexpay utilises approved scanning vendors (ASV’s) to run network and router scans periodically to prevent and detect any malicious intrusions to the Toni & Guy network. Through nexpay’s work, all Toni & Guy UK salons under management have achieved PCI council compliance certificates for all salons, and the Toni & Guy brand now enjoys the peace of mind that goes hand in hand with Visa and Mastercard compliance.

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