The SumUp 3G

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The SumUp 3G

What is SumUp?
SumUp is a card reader provider which enables merchants to accept credit card and debit card payments anywhere at any time using their cost-efficient devices. With its simple 5-minute sign up process, SumUp is simple and can be used by all business owners. SumUp is straightforward with no monthly fees, no contact, and a flat rate transaction fee. Being merchant orientated and having highly ranked customer support reviews, means free delivery of card readers, Intuitive SDK & API integration, and the ability to use card readers abroad. Their user-friendly card readers offer card and contactless payments for a simple fee-per-transaction, accepting all major cards and apple and google pay, SumUp makes it a user-friendly process.

What is the SumUp 3G?
The SumUp 3G can be used anywhere where a cellular network is available, without needing a Wi-Fi network, smartphone or tablet. It is an efficient card reader which is perfect for any business which are always on the move and keep their hands full. It’s easy and simple to set up making taking payments hassle free. Like the SumUp Air there are no fixed fees, no contract, all you pay is per transaction. SumUp 3G can do all things a regular card reader can do, with an app to manage it all, these functions may in clue: tipping, share, send, and print receipts, view your sales history, as well as manage employees.

What Cards Does the SumUp Air accept?
The SumUp 3G can accept payments with a Visa, V PAY, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express logo as well as NFC payments via Google and Apple Pay. It's also possible to accept payments with international cards in which your business operates in as long as they have one of the named logos.

How long will my card reader last?
The battery life of the SumUp 3G is 50 transactions but can simply be charged by using the USB cable included in the purchase.

How much is it?
The price point of the SumUp 3G is £69, where typically contactless/ chip and pin card readers can range around £360.

How is it different to other card machines?
The SumUp 3G card reader is a standalone device with unlimited 3G which enables it to be used wherever and whenever.

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