Receiving your new card machine

Topic: In-store (Fri 12th Jul 2019)
Receiving your new card machine

Before your new card machine arrives:

Once you have switched over to us, you would like to start saving straight away. We will issue you with a welcome letter sent by E-mail providing all the details you need before receiving your new card machine. We will outline step by step what you need to do and provide your new help desk number.

Delivery of your new machine:

Your new card machine will be delivered by a courier and you will be notified when the delivery date will be. All machines are tracked and nexpay can update you throughout the delivery process. we will pre-arrange a delivery date with you.

What to expect:

- Brand new boxed card machine
- Quick Start guide
- Power cables & charging base where applicable
- Supervisor card if applicable

If you feel you are missing anything, this can be discussed on the welcome call or by contacting the help desk.

Install call:

A welcome call will be placed to you or a dedicated member of staff at the business from the card machine manufacturer. The help desk agent will be available to help you settle your last transaction with the old machine and get you started setting up the new machine.

This also provides an opportunity to ask any questions and to set the machine up exactly how you would like it. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your new machine.

What’s covered?

- How to close down your old machine
- How to unplug your old machine and plug your new card machine in
- Install the new card machine and set up configuration to your needs
- Configure to either phone line or broadband
- Personalise end of day banking to be automated or manual
- Set up tips and gratuity if required
- How to obtain printed reports
- How to do refunds
- How to do a payment over the phone
- How to use the supervisor card or code
- How to use Apple Pay and Android Pay
- Agent will advise help desk and customer services opening times
- Agent will assist you with a live test transaction

Help desk responsibilities:

- General queries
- Trouble shooting
- Remote diagnostic
- Diagnosing faults
- Replacement machines

Customer services:

The customer service department is additional to Help desk support and is accessed through the same contact number. The customer services department amend changes to the operation of the card machine such as removing the ability to add gratuity.

Operational hours are from Monday to Friday 8am until 6pm. This department has dedicated staff to support you with core changes to the operation of the machine.

Customer services client responsibilities:

- Further accessory orders
- Terminal Configuration amendments
- General configuration queries
- Adding or removing features
- Updating changes to machines

After Care:

The helpdesk’s operational hours are available Monday to Saturday 8am until midnight and Sunday 10am to 4pm.

This department has dedicated staff available to support you with a range of queries from a simple, how to, to more technical queries.

9 out of 10 calls to the help desk are resolved immediately and 80% of calls to the help desk are answered within 30 seconds.

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