Optomany - Unattended Card Machines

Topic: In-store (Thu 8th Mar 2018)
Optomany - Unattended Card Machines

Optomany is a new name in the payment processing industry. They specialise in omnichannel payment processing technology and have made it their mission to enable your customers to take and process payments in any environment in a safer, faster and more efficient way.  

Optomany provide low-cost card machines that are reliable and stable with the added benefit of being acquirer agnostic, giving you complete flexibility.

Unattended Card Machines   
Consumers are becoming more demanding about the speed and quality of service when it comes to payment transactions, especially when using unattended card machines. Optomany have harnessed the security and speed of their platform with industry-leading self-service hardware to help deliver a new standard in unattended card processing.  
Wherever you shop or travel to, self-service payments are becoming the norm, for example with self-service checkouts, pay-at-pump, vending machines, parking and ticket machines. Your customers have become accustomed to the convenience of unattended card machines.
Optomany’s axept ® Xenteo Eco Unattended Card Machine
The axept ® Xenteo Eco unattended card machine allows you to easily integrate cashless payments into your self-service application or business. This device combines the speed and security of Optomany’s axept ® Xenteo Eco along with the durability and versatility of the Xenteo Eco card reader, terminal and Yoneo contactless reader.  
Optomany’s axept ® Xenteo Eco card machine offers independent hardware elements which provides maximum flexibility, reduces maintenance costs and eases integration. Remote management is also enabled by Optomany’s powerful Control Centre, providing secure software downloads and remote terminal diagnostics and support.  
Security is also at the forefront of the axept ® Xenteo Eco unattended card machine, with Optomany’s advanced end-to-end data encryption and Xenteo’s security combining to provide a market leading defence against fraud.  
Additional benefits include:  
• Flexible and customisable line reporting tools  
• Offers a full suite of management and configuration tools  
• Ability to accept all major payment schemes and types, including mobile (e.g ApplePay and AndroidPay), contactless, magnetic stripe and Chip and PIN payments  
• Robust and weatherproof  
• The keypad and card reader can be delivered with extra anti-skimming measures to protect the device  
• Interfaces for multiple communication methods 
• Backlit keyboard and display for use in all conditions and environments.  

For more information view the axept ® Xenteo Eco unattended card machine‘s datasheet here.

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