Optomany - S300 Integrated Solution

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Optomany - S300 Integrated Solution

Optomany is a new name in the payment processing industry. They specialise in omnichannel payment processing technology and have made it their mission to enable your customers to take and process payments in any environment in a safer, faster and more efficient way.  

Optomany provide low-cost card machines that are reliable and stable with the added benefit of being acquirer agnostic, giving you complete flexibility.

Integrated Card Machines
Optomany’s integrated solutions have been designed to excel in the most demanding retail environments and offer high-speed transaction processing with an intuitive interface that helps optimise your customer’s experience. Optomany’s axept® PIN pad and terminal solutions offer the latest integrated card payment acceptance solutions for those looking to adopt the highest transaction security and speed.

Optomany’s integrated card machine meet the latest software and hardware security standards. With reliability, multiple integration and payment options, the axept® range helps future proof your point of sale (POS) and drive down your costs.

Optomany’s axept® S300 Integrated Card Machine
Optomany’s axept® S300’s PIN-pad provides the latest integrated card payment technology. Pre-certificated by all major acquirers in the UK, the axept® S300 can be deployed simply and cost-effectively.

The axept® S300 card machine has an intuitive user interface to provide pain-free checkout experiences for both yourselves and your customers. This integrated card machine offers exceptional performance and many unique features which has led to the S300 solution rapidly becoming the choice for merchants looking to optimise their POS.

Other benefits include:
• Offering your customer’s flexibility to pay using all major card schemes including contactless, Chip and PIN, magstripe and mobile payments
• Simplified estate management – providing a comprehensive suite of estate management and configuration tools through OCC (Optomany’s Control Centre), helping save you time and money
• Offers a fantastic customer experience – all devices and screens can be customised to fit with your branding
• Supports Optomany’s multi-channel token function, transforming your consumer’s buying experience and streamlining your business process

For more information view the axept® S300 integrated card machine‘s datasheet here.

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