Optomany Pax Update 07/01/2022

Topic: Payment News (Fri 7th Jan 2022)

Dear Customers

We have taken the decision as a company not to wait until the report has been issued by Optomany/ Pax regarding the S800 & S900 fault.

This has been the millennium bug 22 years too late.

These issues have been unprecedented in the 10+ years we have been active.

Although we have been promised by Optomany/ Pax all our clients will have been contacted by close of business 07/01/2022 we want to offer some sort of compensation ASAP.

We will therefore be pausing your Direct Debits in January for a month's free card machine billing to compensate for the 1-4 days you have been without service.

We hope you have used our offline resolution in the meantime: Click Here

If you have already paid this month's card machine rental bill, we will be crediting this back to you.

Please be aware, this is a shared issue across all providers and merchants across the country and not specifically nexpay.

Whichever manufacturer our clients use, there is a 24 hour SLA from first incident which is shared across all providers.

We do offer alternative hardware manufacturers if you wish to change but stock is very limited due to the worldwide shortage of chip's for the devices. We are working hard to find stock for clients.

At this moment, I can only apologise as a company and on our suppliers behalf for the lack of communication and support. This has been the perfect storm being just after New Years with staff holidays and Covid issues making support networks limited.

To be brutally honest, none of us were prepared for an outage lasting so long and not having the personnel ready.

I hope this serves as some sort of explanation to the situation and an update/ resolution for the time being.

Sebastian Wood
Managing Director

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