nexpay on the Future of Cards PSR Panel

Topic: Company (Tue 3rd Apr 2018)
nexpay on the Future of Cards PSR Panel

nexpay was invited to sit alongside Mastercard, The FCA, The British Retail Consortium and WorldPay for an open panel discussion to debate the future of card payments hosted by the Payment Systems Regulator (PSR)

The Payment Systems Regulator Limited (PSR) is the economic regulator for the £81 trillion payment systems industry in the UK.

They consult extensively with stakeholders in the payment systems industry to create policies and regulatory frameworks.

nexpay has been involved with the PSR and other stakeholders to work as a collaborative in tackling key objectives:

- Ensure that payment systems are operated and developed in a way that considers and promotes the interests of all the businesses and consumers that use them

- Promote effective competition in the markets for payment systems and services - between operators, PSPs and infrastructure providers

- Promote the development of and innovation in payment systems, in particular the infrastructure used to operate those systems

There has been a lot of discussions about the future of card payments and innovations that are becoming available to retailers.

nexpay have dedicated research and development to projects that will achieve all of the PSR's objectives. This means opening up competition, reducing costs and providing innovations.

We look forward to developing our internal solutions and working closely with the PSR to ensure the payment market works for all parties involved.

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