Miura M010

Topic: In-store (Thu 15th Mar 2018)
Miura M010

Miura’s beautifully simple and secure hardware solutions are widely deployed by their partners (us included) to revolutionise how, where and when consumers pay. Miura aims to help you thrive in the fast-paced payment environment that we currently live in. Miura are known for reshaping the merchant and consumer payment experience through creating some of the world’s most trusted Chip and PIN card machines. 
Miura’s M010 Card Machine
Miura’s M010 card machine is the ideal card reader for both countertop and mobile card payment acceptance. The M010 evolves customer retail experience with true versatility.

With Miura’s M010, you can fully interact with customers wherever you go. The card machine can operate across retail and hospitality environments both in-store as well as pop-up or tactical locations. The M010 is more than just a PIN pad card machine, it delivers support for all connectivity options including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB. Also, it includes the Apple authentication co-processor, allowing it to connect to any iOS device.

Integration POS (Point of Sale)
The M010 integrates easily using Miura’s APIs and peripherals. This card machine connects seamlessly to Miura’s POSzle and ITP POS solutions or your existing POS system.

On the Move
In a traditional payment environment, the integrated pole mount attaches to a desktop, securely holds, charges and provides USB communications. You can simply unclip the M010 card machine from the countertop stand and the device is ready to take mobile payments.

Miura’s M010 is also seen as a cheap and reliable back-up for if you have issues with your normal card machine or for those who want to queue-bust or serve in-store, right next to the customer to help prevent lost sales. For example, a customer could join the queue in your shop on a busy afternoon to buy some toothpaste. Instead of this person thinking that the queue is too long and that they may leave, the M010 can link to an iPad and your sales assistant can ‘work the queue’ to process quick and easy transactions. This helps increase customer engagement and decrease the risk of losing sales.

Additional benefits of the M010
• Provides ultimate performance and security
• You can offer SMS receipts or a portable printer accessory is also available
• PCI PTS 3.0 certification, including SRED and open protocols and can be certified as part of a point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solution. Ensure your payments are secure and protect your business from fraud
• Quick and easy setup, you can download the Control app on your tablet or smartphone, connect to your merchant account or connect the Miura M010 card reader to your device via Bluetooth
• You can use your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to take EFTPOS (electronic funds transfer at point of sale) payments through an integrated tablet or smartphone.

For more information view the M010 card machine‘s datasheet here.

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