Introducing Optomany

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Introducing Optomany

Optomany is one of the newest names on the payment market to offer a full range of solutions for cardholder present, card not present and e-commerce environments, as well as a broad selection of value added support services. We are delighted to have our partnership continue into 2018.

They provide low cost card machines that are reliable, stable and process over internet connection only. Being acquirer agnostic, you can be rest assured they have thought about the needs of merchants.

What software do they use?
axept® Platform is the core of all Optomany card payment processing solutions. Developed in-house, the platform is a truly omnichannel service supporting payment processing from a wide array of functions from card payment terminals, unattended to online.

Why does this matter?

It has been developed to be hardware, acquirer, currency and country agnostic offering a consistent interface and operational model that allows customers to adopt a payment solution which can be readily implemented across multiple geographies as well as channels.

Value added services:

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)
Dynamic Currency Conversion is available on all optomany card machines. This allows retailers to automatically offer their customers the opportunity to pay in their domestic currency. This provides the consumer with the comfort of knowing what the actual charge will be and offering you additional revenue from the currency exchange on the transaction.

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Tax Free Shopping
Spending by visitors to the UK continues to grow at a significant pace and you can increase your share of tourist spend by allowing eligible customers to reclaim VAT on goods that are to be taken from within the EU. Optomany’s solution will offer automatic detection of a customer’s eligibility, reducing the training need of staff, increasing adoption rates and improving the customer experience.

Pennies makes giving to charity easy and affordable. The invitation to donate by rounding up the payment to the nearest pound or by a fixed amount up to 99p is displayed when the customer inserts their card and requires just one click, with no staff involvement so it’s fast and completely confidential. The retailer can nominate the charity to be credited or select to offer Optomany’s chosen good causes.

Optomany’s axept platform is PCI DSS certified and the solution set was one of the world’s first to be P2PE v2 approved!

Control Centre
The Control Centre from Optomany puts you in the driving seat when it comes to your data. In a world where time is precious and knowledge is power, immediate access to your transactional information can better inform your business planning and put you a step ahead of your competition.

Estate Management
The Estate Management System within means you can manage the key features of your estate, regardless of channel, proactively and in real time.

In-depth Reporting
Reporting on transactions processed is a key requirement for any business and essential to support reconciliation and business planning.

You can view all your transactional data at a summary level or drill down to view more specific information, such as individual transactions or a specific card or payment type, with all reports being available in real-time. Transactional information is also kept indefinitely, meaning no frustrating time limits to the analysis of your data.

You can select from a range of pre-set reports or easily create your own customised versions. These can be viewed and downloaded immediately or delivered to you, and your designated users, at a date and time to suit your business needs. The generated reports can be downloaded in various formats (Excel, csv, PDF).

Controlled Access
Reporting is designed around role-based access authentication methods, meaning access is provided via a range of User Access Controls. This allows you to create an unlimited number of users with varied access tailored to your specific requirements. The login details entered will dictate what access the individual user is given and what information they can view. User access can also be further secured with the use of Two-Factor Authentication.

Our Thoughts

Optomany are a relativity new payment provider supporting UK merchants with Pax Card Machine hardware. Their low cost in comparison to Ingenico and Verifone make them perfect for businesses who want a primary terminal who accept large value transactions infrequently or as a back up terminal.

Utilising Ethernet as their only connection type can be restrictive for some businesses, but as the phone line is declining as the preferred method of connection, it's a step that makes sense for the future.


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