Ingenico - Unattended Card Machines

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Ingenico - Unattended Card Machines

Ingenico have led the payment terminal industry for more than 35 years, offering a wide range of smart terminals. Ingenico’s card machines combine cutting-edge technologies with the highest security requirements and cover a variety of functionalities to offer unique experiences for both the merchant and the customer. 

Ingenico’s unattended card machines are designed specifically to meet needs of machine manufactures and integrators. Unattended terminals enable easy and fast card payments at unattended points of sale (POS) and self-service kiosks. 

iSelf Series:
Easy and flexible unattended payment solutions for self-service business. Its wide range of devices from card and contactless readers, to PINPads, to meeting the latest standards, allow businesses to easily integrate cashless payment in self-service kiosks. 

The iSelf Series provide a wide range of integrated connectivity features to communicate with the acquirer hosts and kiosks. The terminals accept all payments and are easily integrated, they are a cashless payment option in your self-service business. 

The iSelf series includes the following:
• iUP250
• iUR250

There are many benefits to iSelf terminals:
• They accept all payment means and comply with the latest security standards
• They are user friendly
• Have flexible communication and connectivity
• Cut complexity in payment and security 
• Address all self-service market segments: Retail, Hospitality, Petrol, Vending and Transportation.
• Have contactless and chip and PIN capabilities
• Have broadband and GPRS capabilities
• Offer semi or full integration 

iSelf Series Combo
Part of the iSelf Series, the iUP250 and iCU250 enable secure and simple integration for contact and contactless payments in self-service businesses. The iSelf Series solution provides an easy-to-use customer interface with a bright and coloured backlit display, LEDs and function keys. Thanks to the sleek and compact design, transactions are simple, fast and highly secure.

Features include: 
• Smartcard
• High security standards
• Magnetic stripe
• Contactless capabilities 
• Colour backlit
• Eco Friendly
• User friendly design
• Accepts all forms of electronic payments

The iUC285 is part of the iSelf Series and is designed as an all-in-one contact & contactless standalone module for self-service businesses. The iUC285 enables simple and secure payments when no cardholder verification method (CVM) is required. This terminal is user friendly and stands up to the most demanding outdoor environments and adverse environmental conditions.

There are a number of benefits of the iUC285:
• High security standards
• Contactless capabilities 
• Smartcard
• Magnetic stripe
• Rugged
• Colour backlit
• Telium 2 technology

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