Getting Back to Work

Topic: Company (Thu 4th Jun 2020)

Merchants who have been closed/non-trading up to now will have seen reduced billing take effect in May. If you are planning to re-open in June or July*, here is some help and guidance on getting back to work and accepting non-contact payments.

Card machines & Epos linked card machines:

1. Wipe down as frequently (and safely) as possible
2. When possible, enforce the new contactless limit of £45.00
3. All card machines we supply accept mobile payment from ApplePay, Google Pay etc. These payment methods do not have any transaction limits as they use biometrics or facial recognition technology. Use wherever possible for any value sale
4. All card & mobile payments can be taken through perspex/glass screens up to 4cm thick. Simply hold the card machine against the screen and ask the customer to place their card against the opposite side (or use ApplePay, Google Pay etc)
5. If for any reason screens are not in place, wear a mask, use gloves to type in amount on terminal, place on counter, step back (2m if possible), ask the customer to step forward (2m) to the counter to use contactless or mobile payment and steps back (2m)

Virtual terminal:

1. If you are taking advance bookings/orders for product/services, having a virtual terminal will enable your customer to pay once, allowing for re-billing for additional payments using just an authorisation. No need to call the customer again to accept the payment (name, address & card details) which will save time and money. Simply ask the customer via logged communication (E-mail or phone) they are happy to be billed £XXX on XXX date
2. If you don't already have a Virtual Terminal, they are low cost, £10pm + VAT for 100 transactions
3. If you don't already have a Virtual Terminal, they come with an E-Commerce facility
E-receipts are included (perfect as contact free) if customer provides email (optionally doubles as a marketing opportunity for future campaigns)
4. Great for Deposits/full payments
Integration with accounting packages
5. Please get in touch or see here for more information


1. If you are able to begin trading, consider selling products/services online
2. Please ensure you apply 3D secure to your payment gateway to take advantage of the security measure it provides

Staying PCI DSS Compliant:

1. Don't get caught out by fees due to existing compliance expiring. Get in touch to find out if this will impact your business
2. For more details on PCI DSS visit our insights page

*Full details of businesses affected are available on the .gov website.

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