Coronavirus Statement

Topic: Company (Fri 13th Mar 2020)
Coronavirus Statement

If you’re worried about coronavirus (COVID-19) and what it might mean for your business and cash flow, we want to reassure you that nexpay is here to help.

As the number of cases is rising dramatically in the UK and Europe, precautions are being enforced by the Government. However, as well as government precautions, there are a few things that businesses can do to manage the situation.

We understand that some businesses might find things tough over the following months, therefore, we have developed a CUSTOMER CARE package available for all merchants to take advantage of.

Every business is currently either in crisis or contingency mode and nexpay is here to support commerce as much as possible through these challenging times.

This is why we have secured up to £500,000 per client as a first line defense and to ultimately keep the lights on.
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It may be advised for business owners to only accept card payments until the virus gets under control, certainly this would be best practice as it stands.

Coins and notes carry germs and a single note can get passed through millions of hands a year. Minimising the handling of cash will benefit everyone and in turn significantly reduce the risk of one of the biggest methods of spreading a virus.

Card payments are seen to be more appropriate during this time and with the use of technology like apple/google pay, virtual terminals and ecommerce, it can be so that actually touching a card terminal isn’t even always necessary.

When your customers do use a card machine to make a payment, ensure to wipe down your card machine recently if its regularly being touched. Extra precautions such as these will make customers feel more at ease knowing their environment is clean and precautions are being taken.

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Our Operations

Nexpay has taken the precaution to offer it’s staff the opportunity to remote work in line with Government guidelines. Luckily, our business can be run completely remote so our service and standards will remain first class.

We will be able to support your business throughout this time and will remain open with remote working in the event of any potential lock down.

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