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Topic: Merchant Finance (Fri 20th Mar 2020)

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, nexpay have worked closely with trusted lenders to create a coronavirus ‘Finance Package’. The aim of which is, to help and support businesses affected from the downturn in takings, resulting from a decrease in consumer purchasing.

Many businesses have had to adapt the way they traditionally do business to keep trading whilst customers are self-isolating, and with the contact restrictions in place.

You may need a solution to cover the short term “Crisis”, or have to make an essential “Change” to remain in business.

This is where a finance solution based on your turnover, makes complete sense.

With a merchant cash advance, just one of the solutions we have available, you can pay more back when you are trading well, and pay less when you are not.

The amount paid back is something we negotiate on your behalf, following a consultation call, and can range from 3% to 20% of the card turnover you process.

Crisis Funding:

• Stock or essential equipment for hygiene
• Staff payments
• Covering overheads
• Tax and Insurance requirements

Change Funding:

• Ecommerce solutions
• Delivery
• Marketing / Advertising
• Remote working equipment
• Software / Communication equipment
• Recruitment / Staffing

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