Contactless Floor Limits

Topic: Visa & Mastercard (Tue 10th Oct 2017)
Contactless Floor Limits

Visa has stated that as of the 14th October 2017 all contactless payments (regardless of the value) must be communicated to your acquiring back for real-time authorisation. This move follows the same process as Apple and Android Pay and supports the need to reduce the risks associated with fraud and charge-backs for card holders and merchants.

We need to ensure you are able to comply with Visa’s mandate. Verifone is making configuration changes available on its managed Payment Gateway as follows:
• Test Environment – available now, week commencing 21 August
• Live Environment – available soon, please wait for further information

You will need to update your contactless capable terminals.

Additionally, you need to ensure your payment terminal(s) are running the latest software:

Solution Type
• VX 820 POS Client / Ocius Sentinel; Version – or later
• VX 820 Duet / IP; Version – or later
• VX 820 Ocius RS; Version – or later
• VX 680 Bluetooth / Wi-Fi / GPRS; Version – or later

Configuration downloads or software updates can be schedules for a time that suits you, using the standard processes via WebCOM. (Please note – your device needs to be in ‘power-cycle’ mode for the updates.

If your terminal is not listed above your device isn’t compliant and will need to be updated.

If you have any questions or need to update your terminal please email

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