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Our ethos is to provide more transparency to the world of payments and highlight more of the work we do behind the scenes to manage your account and how it effects your business.

When you join us, we promise cost reductions. These are often hard to feel like you’ve received the benefits as every month’s merchant statement can vary accordingly.

The reports we provide are accessable 24/7 365 with a personal online account.

This includes monthly reviews that cross reference your previous supplier’s charges against what you have paid. Simply put, we are going to show you how much money you have saved.

We will also use these reports as opportunities to communicate any industry updates that may affect your account. For example, improvements to funding timescales, EU legislation updates and changes Visa & MasterCard are looking to implement.

What's Included

These reports will contain information such as;

- Your savings
- Loyalty reward countdown timer
- Account management info
- Data analysis
- Support details

Platform Capabilities

• Savings generated daily, weekly, monthly, yearly % and £
• Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly Sales report
• Card machine contract length, machine type
• PCI DSS compliance status
• Our % fee for savings
• Notes for communicating vital information
• Interactive charts and graphs
• Lifetime Sales Report with Complete Lifetime sales stats
• Sales trends i.e. Best day, best Month, best Year % differences
• Countries customers are from
• Monthly Revenue Chart (current and past year)
• Monthly Order Average value (current and past year)
• Refund reports

We hope you find these reports useful and informative and we welcome any feedback on how to improve or add further info to them.

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