Bad Buyer Tool

Topic: PCI DSS (Wed 10th May 2017)
Bad Buyer Tool

Extra Protection against fraudulent transactions with the Bad Buyer Checker

Experienced a bad buyer recently or received a strange order, that you're not sure is legitimate? Unfortunately, you are not alone and although E-Commerce businesses work hard to ensure as much security and protection as possible, scam buyers can sometimes slip through as fraudulent purchases by using stolen credit card details.

Payment gateways can help capture a high percentage of these fraudulent activities but should never be 100% relied upon. With a huge selection of fraud features available with payment gateways, you should ensure you have the correct features working for your business to reduce time spent reviewing sales and be confident your gateway is working for you.

While most online buyers are trustworthy, there’s a small percentage that are out to profit from a transaction. They might even claim the goods never turned up or that they have arrived damaged. So how do you prevent this from happening?

At nexpay, we want to make sure that If you are suspicious of a buyer and want to know whether they are genuine, check their details via the Bad Buyer List by simply typing any of the following information such as their name, address, email and username to double check their authenticity.

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