Approved Supplier For LMC Group

Topic: Partners (Mon 12th Jun 2017)
Approved Supplier For LMC Group

The LMC Buying Groups Federation comprises of 57 buying groups across England, Wales and Northern Ireland that have been set up to help GP practices save money on the products and services they regularly buy. The LMC Buying Group currently has 24 approved suppliers and nexpay are proud to be one of them.

The LMC Buying Group organise supplier deals for its members to take advantage of and save money by being part of a network instead of being viewed as an individual. The LMC Buying Group will be in regular communication with its members to highlight the benefits of its partnership with nexpay.

Luke Richards, Corporate Account Director at nexpay says “We are extremely dedicated and excited to go in to partnership with the LMC Buying Group and handling their clients card payment services and PCI DSS. We have organised Optomany as the preferred supplier of card machines with discounted pricing and can overall save LMC Buying Group members up to 60%!”.

Helen Shuker, Head of Operations for the LMC Buying Group, says “We’ve partnered with nexpay as the approved supplier of merchant accounts and PCI DSS for our members. This is a great opportunity for our members as they’ll receive preferential rates and pricing for their card machines.”

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