Approved Supplier For LDC Group

Topic: Partners (Fri 23rd Jun 2017)
Approved Supplier For LDC Group

The LDC Buying Group helps dental practices save money on the products and services they regularly buy. The LDC Buying Group have negotiated excellent discounts on a wide range of products and services from their approved suppliers and nexpay are excited to be one of them.

The LDC Buying Group organises supplier deals for its members to take advantage of and they save money by being part of a network instead of being viewed as an individual. The LDC Buying Group will communicate with its members to help highlight the benefits they they can receive from the nexpay partnership.

Luke Richards, Corporate Operations Director from nexpay says “The UK spends £5.8 billion a year on dental treatments with £3.6 billion generated by the NHS service. Here at nexpay we are aiming to save them £1.2 million through managing their Merchant Accounts and PCI DSS Compliance.”

Helen Shuker, Head of Operations at the LDC Buying Group says “We have negotiated excellent discounts with our approved suppliers on a wide range of products and services for our members and it’s great to have nexpay on board.”

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