Visa vs MasterCard

What are the main differences between the credit and debit card giants?

Tue 29th Oct 2019

What are Card Schemes and How do they Work?

Everything that you need to know about card schemes

Tue 29th Oct 2019

nexpay's Visa Global Registration Details

What Is The Visa Global Registry of Service Providers?

Wed 3rd Jul 2019

Contactless Floor Limits - Mastercard scheme mandate

All Contactless transactions must now be communicated to your acquiring bank for real-time authorisation, regardless of value.

Thu 8th Feb 2018

Visa Claims Resolution

As of April 2018, Visa will be introducing their VCR programme, Visa Claims Resolution, which will see significant changes to the procedures for chargeback handling.

Tue 24th Oct 2017

Contactless Floor Limits

Real time authorisation for all contactless payments as of 14th October 2017

Tue 10th Oct 2017