The SumUp 3G

What is the SumUp 3G?

Mon 10th Feb 2020

The SumUp Air

What is the SumUp Air?

Mon 10th Feb 2020

Client Helpdesk

Support 7 days a week

Wed 28th Aug 2019

Receiving your new card machine

What to expect when you switch to us

Fri 12th Jul 2019

Miura M010

Miura's M010 evolves customer retail experience with true versatility.

Thu 15th Mar 2018

Verifone Unattended Card Machines

Verifone Unattended payment solutions

Sun 11th Mar 2018

Optomany - Unattended Card Machines

Consumers are becoming more demanding about the speed and quality of service when it comes to payment transactions, especially when using unattended card machines.

Thu 8th Mar 2018

Optomany - Portable & Wi-Fi Card Machines

Optomany’s portable payment terminals allow secure payments to processed in any location.

Thu 8th Mar 2018

Optomany - S300 Integrated Solution

Optomany’s integrated solutions have been designed to excel in the most demanding retail environments.

Thu 8th Mar 2018

Optomany - Countertop Card Machine

Optomany countertop card machine is designed to meet the demands of today’s retail environment regardless of the company’s size

Thu 8th Mar 2018

Verifone's WIFI, GPRS & Bluetooth Card Machines

WIFI, GPRS & Bluetooth Payment Devices

Thu 1st Mar 2018

Verifone's Countertop Solutions

Finding the right countertop solution for your business.

Thu 1st Mar 2018

Web Services SSL/TLS Certificate Renewal: 23 January 2018

Please ensure your systems are ready ahead of the forthcoming security changes

Fri 12th Jan 2018

Introducing Optomany

Optomany is one of the newest names on the payment market to offer a full range of solutions for cardholder present, card not present and e-commerce environments.

Fri 12th Jan 2018

Processing Offline Payments In store

Secondary card processing if your card machine goes down

Wed 3rd Jan 2018

Ingenico - Unattended Card Machines

Unattended card machines enable easy and fast card payments at unattended points of sale (POS) and self-service kiosks. 

Tue 2nd Jan 2018

Ingenico - Portable and Wireless Terminals

Ingenico’s compact, portable and wireless terminals are pocket-sized and have broad connectivity capabilities to accept payments on the go.

Tue 2nd Jan 2018

Ingenico - Desktop Card Machines

Ingenico’s card machines are easily integrated and answer the most demanding needs, allowing merchants to accept all payment means on range of terminals.

Thu 21st Dec 2017