Processing Offline Payments *PAX / Optomany

Processing Offline Payments *PAX / Optomany

Wed 5th Jan 2022

The New £100 contactless limit

As of October 15th 2021, the new £100 floor limit allows customers to purchase goods and services up to the value of £100 without having to enter their PIN.

Mon 25th Oct 2021

What is a floor limit?

The term floor limit was introduced back in the days when credit card transactions were authorised by phone. Imagine the scenario; a packed shop floor on a Saturday afternoon with customers lined up to pay for goods on their credit or debit cards.

Mon 25th Oct 2021

Keeping Payment Terminals Clean

Good hygiene and cleanliness are now more important than ever in companies

Thu 27th Aug 2020

Important: When You Recommence Trading

Important notice for all business who recommence trading

Fri 3rd Jul 2020

Anti Money Laundering Policy

Thu 11th Jun 2020

Getting Back to Work

If you are planning to re-open in June or July, here is some help and guidance on getting back to work and accepting non-contact payments.

Thu 4th Jun 2020


NexPay have been working closely with our suppliers with the aim of minimising the impact of COVID-19 on our customers businesses.

Fri 24th Apr 2020

Coronavirus Statement

This coronavirus statement will outline what we are doing for both our clients and staff.

Fri 13th Mar 2020

CNP Card Not Present Disablement on Verifone terminals

Tue 11th Feb 2020

Salon Genius

Salon Genius and nexpay's Partnership

Tue 4th Feb 2020

Duplicate Transaction, What do I do?

What Is a Duplicate Transaction And How May It Affect My Business?

Mon 3rd Feb 2020

Card Fees Increase From Jan 2020

New Card Fees Which Will be Introduced from January 2020 and How They May Affect You.

Thu 19th Dec 2019

Raising a chargeback

What factors should be considered before raising a chargeback.

Wed 4th Dec 2019

Merchant Management Fees Explained

What is a Merchant Management Fee and Why am I Being Charged It?

Wed 27th Nov 2019

Code 10 Authorisation Request Calls

What is a Code 10 Authorisation Request and When Should I Make One?

Thu 21st Nov 2019

What would a cashless society really mean?

What would the practical implications of a cashless society mean to modern day?

Fri 15th Nov 2019

What is Open Banking?

What is open banking and why should you care?

Fri 15th Nov 2019

Toni and Guy Case Study

Nexpays long lasting relationship with the famous 'Toni and Guy'

Mon 11th Nov 2019

Understanding Merchant Fees

Everything you need to know about the costs that come with a merchant account

Thu 31st Oct 2019

Should My Business Accept Samsung Pay?

Technology is moving fast, and we are entering the age of Mobile Pay systems.

Wed 30th Oct 2019

Google Pay as a Modern Day Technology

The growing trend among a number of modern day shoppers called Google Pay

Wed 30th Oct 2019

Visa vs MasterCard

What are the main differences between the credit and debit card giants?

Tue 29th Oct 2019

What are Card Schemes and How do they Work?

Everything that you need to know about card schemes

Tue 29th Oct 2019

Make-A-Wish Foundation

We support Make-A-Wish Foundation on a monthly basis.

Fri 25th Oct 2019

What Is a Chargeback Fee?

All you need to know about chargeback and what you can do if your business encounters a chargeback fee.

Fri 18th Oct 2019

What Is Apple Pay?

Everything you need to know about Apple Pay

Mon 14th Oct 2019

Pandora Jewellery UK Case Study

Pandora Jewellery UK Case Study

Wed 28th Aug 2019

What Is The PSR?

The Payment Systems Regulator's Role

Wed 28th Aug 2019

Multi-Currency Processing

Currencies Supported For Your Business

Wed 28th Aug 2019

SagePay (now Opayo) Testing Environment

Integration Sandbox

Wed 28th Aug 2019

Client Helpdesk

Support 7 days a week

Wed 28th Aug 2019

Client Helpdesk

Support 7 days a week

Wed 28th Aug 2019

Client Helpdesk

Support 7 days a week

Wed 28th Aug 2019

Client Helpdesk

Support 7 days a week

Wed 28th Aug 2019

Client Portal Overview

Your Merchant Management Portal

Wed 28th Aug 2019

Receiving your new card machine

What to expect when you switch to us

Fri 12th Jul 2019

Visa Checkout

Increase your eCommerce site and app conversions

Thu 4th Jul 2019

nexpay's Visa Global Registration Details

What Is The Visa Global Registry of Service Providers?

Wed 3rd Jul 2019

nexpay's Visa Global Registration Details

What Is The Visa Global Registry of Service Providers?

Wed 3rd Jul 2019

nexpay Complaint Handling Process

V1.3 Update to our company policies

Wed 5th Jun 2019

Johnson's Of Boston Garden Center

Johnson's Of Boston Garden Center Client Testimonial

Wed 5th Jun 2019

International Payments To Be Reduced By 40%

Great news to reduce costs for retailers who accept international cards

Mon 13th May 2019

Interview with clothing brand Gant

The Champsionships, held at London’s Roehampton Club, has a “now vs. next” theme.

Thu 18th Apr 2019

Understanding a Merchant Statement

Getting to grips with merchant statements can be daunting...

Thu 4th Apr 2019

3D Secure Is Being Updated

Strong Customer Authentication is coming in September 2019.

Tue 19th Mar 2019

PCI DSS Levels

What are the PCI levels?

Wed 6th Feb 2019

Protect your Business against Fraud

There are several steps you can take to help prevent fraudulent transactions in your business

Mon 21st Jan 2019

City Way Dental - Case study

"I’m so pleased we chose to partner with Nexpay"

Fri 7th Dec 2018

Ducks Hill Garden Centre - Case study

"We have saved an amazing £3,000 this year"

Thu 6th Dec 2018

Blackbrooks Garden Centre - Case study

"The implementation was seamless and our experience has been very positive"

Thu 6th Dec 2018

What is a Merchant Account Reserve?

Serving as a merchant acquirer can entail a certain amount of risk. However, the acquirer often offsets the risk through using merchant account reserves.

Fri 16th Nov 2018

Speedwell Honda - Case study

The new integration was quick and efficient

Wed 24th Oct 2018

FJB Hotels - Case study

Making the switch over to nexpay was simple, we barely had to lift a finger

Tue 16th Oct 2018

Adrenalin Leisure - Case study

Adrenalin Leisure save a staggering £15,000pa with nexpay

Tue 2nd Oct 2018

Diamond House Dental - Case study

Diamond House Dental save an incredible 41% with nexpay

Tue 2nd Oct 2018

Drake Dental - Case study

Drake Dental make huge savings!

Tue 2nd Oct 2018

406 Dental - Case study

Through our savings, we can afford to keep our equipment up-to-date to ensure the highest standards

Tue 2nd Oct 2018

New Payment System Operator

New Payment System Operator takes on regulatory responsibility for cheque and credit clearings.

Wed 25th Jul 2018

nexpay Sponsored GANT Championships – Pre-Wimbledon

The new, intimate pre-Wimbledon international tennis event.

Mon 23rd Jul 2018

Biometric bank cards - fingerprint scanners could be used everywhere!

Fingerprint scanner cards are currently in trials, if they’re successful we could say goodbye to the traditional chip and PIN

Thu 5th Jul 2018

What is a Recurring Transaction?

Authorised series of payments taken when a customer gives their credit or debit card details.

Sun 10th Jun 2018

GDPR Privacy Policy

We know that you care how information about you is used and shared and we appreciate your trust in us to do that carefully and sensibly. This notice describes our privacy policy and forms part of our GDPR compliance.

Tue 15th May 2018

What is Merchant Account Reconciliation?

The process of checking your sales are accurately reflected in your merchant statements.

Mon 16th Apr 2018

Do’s and Don’ts of Remote Access and POS Systems

Top tips on what you should and shouldn’t do when remotely accessing your POS system.

Wed 4th Apr 2018

nexpay on the Future of Cards PSR Panel

Managing Director, Sebastian Wood providing his thoughts on the future of the industry

Tue 3rd Apr 2018

Data Breach Tips

Data breaches have increased over the last year and the cost of these breaches is skyrocketing.

Mon 2nd Apr 2018

Rules for Firewalls

Firewalls are one of your network’s primary success.

Mon 2nd Apr 2018

What is a Chargeback and How Does it Work?

Transaction reversal as a form of consumer protection.

Thu 15th Mar 2018

What is a Merchant Account and Why do I Need One?

A type of bank account that allows businesses to accept payments in multiple ways.

Thu 15th Mar 2018

Direct Integration Or Hosted Integration?

Direct or hosted integration options for an ecommerce website

Thu 8th Mar 2018

Verifone's Countertop Solutions

Finding the right countertop solution for your business.

Thu 1st Mar 2018

Tap and Go Society

Non-cash payments are on the rise and we become part of the ever-growing tap and go society.

Wed 21st Feb 2018

Contactless Floor Limits - Mastercard scheme mandate

All Contactless transactions must now be communicated to your acquiring bank for real-time authorisation, regardless of value.

Thu 8th Feb 2018

Payment Services Directive (PSD2)

What does the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) mean for merchants?

Tue 6th Feb 2018

Bank Holiday Payment Submissions

‘Why are my payments sometimes delayed?’

Mon 5th Feb 2018

Global Receipt Shortage

Shortage of paper receipts are driving prices up by 15% from 1st April 2018

Thu 1st Feb 2018

Disputes, Charge backs and Fraud

American Express guide to minimise the risk of fraudulent transactions

Thu 1st Feb 2018

3D Secure & Masterpass

3D secure a& Masterpass is an authenticated system to help improve online transaction security.

Mon 29th Jan 2018

Visa And Mastercard Allow You To Spend With Gold!

The trend to move away from cash as a means of everyday spending is accelerating with the announcement of two new payment cards that enable users to save and spend forms of wealth other than money.

Thu 25th Jan 2018

Virtual Terminals and Card Not Present Transactions

Virtual terminals are used to process a credit or debit card transactions.

Thu 25th Jan 2018

Web Services SSL/TLS Certificate Renewal: 23 January 2018

Please ensure your systems are ready ahead of the forthcoming security changes

Fri 12th Jan 2018

Processing Offline Payments In store

Secondary card processing if your card machine goes down

Wed 3rd Jan 2018

Ingenico - Portable and Wireless Terminals

Ingenico’s compact, portable and wireless terminals are pocket-sized and have broad connectivity capabilities to accept payments on the go.

Tue 2nd Jan 2018

Ingenico - Desktop Card Machines

Ingenico’s card machines are easily integrated and answer the most demanding needs, allowing merchants to accept all payment means on range of terminals.

Thu 21st Dec 2017

nexpay partner with GDPUK

nexpay are proud to announce the latest partnership with GPUK.

Thu 23rd Nov 2017

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), a financial service for overseas customers.

Thu 23rd Nov 2017

Nexpay Data Protection Register Details

Our Data Protection Registration Details

Wed 22nd Nov 2017

E-Commerce - Ready, Steady, Threat!

Digital scammers in the run up to Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas.

Tue 7th Nov 2017

Visa saves Monarch and Ryanair Travellers

Visa have expanded their partnership with leading global specialist in air-claims management company AirRefund.

Thu 26th Oct 2017

What Happens when the Power Goes Out?

What happens to card payments when the power goes out?

Wed 25th Oct 2017

Visa Claims Resolution

As of April 2018, Visa will be introducing their VCR programme, Visa Claims Resolution, which will see significant changes to the procedures for chargeback handling.

Tue 24th Oct 2017

Ride 4Five

Ben and Sean have completed their excellent adventure!

Mon 23rd Oct 2017

Wi-Fi Security

The KRACK, Wi-Fi security and what it means.

Fri 20th Oct 2017

End of Credit and Debit Card Surcharges

Companies will be banned from charging fees for using credit and debit cards.

Fri 20th Oct 2017

Card Surcharges

Card Surcharge Q&A

Fri 20th Oct 2017

Contactless Floor Limits

Real time authorisation for all contactless payments as of 14th October 2017

Tue 10th Oct 2017

How Staff make Security Decisions

Reasons behind why employees make these decisions which make you PCI DSS non-compliant

Mon 4th Sep 2017

Fight Financial Fraud with nexpay

Take Five Steps to Protect yourself from Fraud

Tue 29th Aug 2017

Top 10 PCI Failing Requirements

There are many requirements that businesses fail on for PCI compliance, here are the top 10.

Fri 18th Aug 2017

What are the benefits of becoming PCI Compliant?

PCI DSS non compliance can cost your business.

Mon 14th Aug 2017

Trends to put in your Cyber Security Strategy

Cyber crime is a growing problem and businesses, do you recognise a few of the major cyber security trends?

Fri 4th Aug 2017

How to Manage a Data Breach

Start your incident response plan, preserve evidence and contain the breach.

Mon 24th Jul 2017

6 Reasons Phishing is so Successful and Popular Today

Phishing attacks are becoming increasingly popular and new methods are being developed putting millions of users worldwide at risk.

Fri 21st Jul 2017

PCI Scoping Categories

The PCI Security Council has recently introduced a guide to PCI Scoping and what businesses should secure...

Fri 21st Jul 2017

Recovery Time Frames from Vulnerabilities

Security patches - a sign that vulnerabilities have been found

Fri 14th Jul 2017

Wearable Payments: The Future of Commerce

Without a doubt, new and emerging wearable payments are changing the way we spend.

Thu 13th Jul 2017

General Data Protection Regulation

New regulations mean higher penalties if there's a breach in your business.

Thu 13th Jul 2017

Password management best practices

How do you choose your passwords?

Tue 11th Jul 2017

Card Fraud Training your Employee’s

Criminals take advantage of employees to gain access to data, do your employee's know the warning signs?

Fri 7th Jul 2017

What happens if you don't become PCI Compliant?

Are you PCI DSS compliant? If not, do you know about the non compliance fees?

Thu 6th Jul 2017

Approved Supplier For Garden Center Group Choice Marketing

Choice marketing partners with nexpay.

Tue 4th Jul 2017

Approved Supplier For LDC Group

LDC Buying Group organise supplier deals for members to take advantage of

Fri 23rd Jun 2017

Money Laundering Regulation Update 2017

Money Laundering Regulation Update 2017 - The UK Government has opened its consultation on new rules on anti-money laundering, which are to come into force in June 2017

Tue 20th Jun 2017

nexpay Welcome the Ride "4Five"

nexpay support local duo cycling up four mountains, five climbs - reaching 76,000 feet!

Wed 14th Jun 2017

Approved Supplier For LMC Group

LMC Buying Group organise supplier deals for its members to take advantage of and save money by being part of a network instead of being viewed as an individual.

Mon 12th Jun 2017

The 5 Most Common Online Scams to Watch for

Misinformation, false promises, and fake news lurk behind every clickbait headline and questionable link.

Thu 8th Jun 2017

Travel for free on the Tube with just a Lucozade bottle

Free Lucozade bottles with a contactless chip at the base are being handed out at Oxford Circus station

Wed 7th Jun 2017

nexpay Continue to Shine!

Through sponsoring Shine’s Virtual Balloon Race, nexpay can help support those affected by spina bifida and hydrocephalus

Tue 6th Jun 2017

How to manage a data breach.

Simple steps to managing a data breach in your business.

Thu 25th May 2017

Why Should I be PCI Compliant?

Becoming compliant should be a priority to your business!

Tue 23rd May 2017

How to boost your physical security!

Top 5 Tips to boost your physical security.

Mon 22nd May 2017

To be compliant or not to be compliant. That is the question!

What is PCI DSS and why do i need to do it?

Tue 16th May 2017

nexpay invited to PCI DSS Advisory Council

Ian Eyles, Director of European Business for Security Metrics has formally invited nexpay to join Security Metrics Advisory Council.

Tue 16th May 2017

Bad Buyer Tool

Extra Protection against fraudulent transactions with the Bad Buyer Checker

Wed 10th May 2017

Top 5 E-Commerce Tips

5 Top Tips to Maximise Sales over Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Fri 20th Nov 2015